Art that heals.

Research shows that artwork which represents nature helps us heal by lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rates. Curating and fabricating a collection of artwork that is diverse in style and medium is the key to elevating the nature theme. A collection of interactive, digital, paintings, photography, sculpture, and installation art all combine to celebrate nature through the unique perspective of varied artists and mediums. This diversity can create a human experience that touches the soul of staff, visitors, and patients.

Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center, Oregon. Studio Art Direct created and curated 975 works of art for this hospital and medical center based on the theme “tranquil relief through nature.” Each of the artworks that grace the interior and exterior were selected to enhance healing. 307 paintings, sculptures, and art-in-architecture installations were specifically created by Studio Art Direct or commissioned for the project. In addition, Studio Art Direct created 300 original museum quality canvas giclee reproductions through a unique licensing program with local artists. Playing at every patient bed and waiting room is a stunning video of Oregon’s magnificent natural beauty.

Kaiser Sunset Medical Office Building Remodel, EDG Design & GBJ Architects

Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco, AECOM/Ellerbe Becket San Francisco

Kaiser Salmon Creek Cardiology, GBD Architects & KPNFS

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Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital NICU, SRG Architects

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Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center, Kaiser foundation Hospitals, Ellerbe Becket/AECOM & KPNFS