Tualatin Gateway Art Monument




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Client: Tualatin Development Commission

Project Manager: Janelle Baglien & Chad Rhea

Budget: $375K

Bronze Artist: Rip Caswell

Designer: Janelle Baglien     Site Development: Coffman Excavation

City of Tualatin Gateway Art Entry Monument »

Tualatin, Oregon

City of Tualatin Art Monument by Studio Art Direct


“Janelle Baglien clearly presented a compelling vision, scope, schedule, and budget for the Tualatin Gateway and Monument Sign Project in her illustrated and detailed proposal. Janelle’s concept of a flock of custom bronze geese, by sculpture Rip Caswell, rising 18’ above a wetland riparian water feature with a natural rock backdrop reflects Tualatin’s unique characteristics and creates a sense of place for people,” said Community Services Director, Paul Hennon. “Janelle’s clarity and business-like approach carried through and facilitated the selection process, final design, plans and specifications/permitting, and construction phases of the project. Janelle was easy to work with and coordinated closely with other firms and contractors on the project,” Hennon said. “We’re excited in how this has turned out,” said Mayor Lou Ogden in an interview with The Times newspaper. “It’s a very impressive welcome to the city. We love the beauty of the geese sculpture, and we know this will be a monument Tualatin will be very proud of for years to come.” 


In 2010, Studio Art Direct was awarded the contract to create the City of Tualatin's Gateway Art Monument. Selected from 25 artists submissions, the design by Janelle Baglien, met unanimous approval.  With an overall budget of $375,000, the project came in on-time and on-budget.  

The coordination of this project was extensive.  All the components - a commissioned 18'0" high bronze sculpture by Rip Caswell, a 20 ton rock sign, and a wetland pond - were created by separate teams and were assembled on site.  Therefore, attention to all details were critical including coordination with City, County, landscape archtitects, artist, structural engineers, and a myriad ofCity of Tualatin Gateway Art Entry Monument by Studio Art Direct, Portland, Oregon other stakeholders was crucial to a seamless installation.  

Why Geese?  Ms. Baglien chose geese because they are artistically elegant in their curves and movement, they are a reflection of wetlands and nature surrounding Tualatin, and most importantly, they are symbolic of what it means to live as a community. The influence and spirituality of geese has a long history. They were revered as a sacred bird in the Roman temples of Juno, associated with the North Wind in Greek Mythology and are a powerful totem and spirit guide for the Native Americans including the indigenous Kalapuya tribe of Tualatin. According to Native American’s, geese teach us that the value of community is not an exclusive privilege or a burden but a shared opportunity. The Kalapuya looked to geese as the spirit guide of cooperation and belonging.  They believed that they embodied the spirit of communication, dedication, compassion and shared leadership.City of Tualatin Gateway Art Monument

Lore says that if geese show themselves as your totem; consider your role in your family, workplace, or community.  It tells you to reach out for help or support and work together to accomplish more than double what you can do alone.  The Goose Totem is influenced by the element earth, which stands for steadfastness and stability. They are a sign of versatility, tenacity and focused energy.  Guided by the motto “In silence lies strength,” geese have big plans and, by climbing steadily, go far.

Like Tualatin, geese congregate in groups that can reach the tens of thousands and together they strive for the greater good.

For a video of Rip Caswell sculpting this commission in the studio, and more information about this project, click here.