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Client: Posh Ventures

Curator: Janelle Baglien

Budget: $300K


Designers: Holst Architecture

Hotel Eastlund »

Portland, Oregon

Hotel Eastlund lobby artwork curated, designed, and fabricated by Studio Art Direct

This Northwest-hip meets European-chic hotel is home to 375 works of art including international artists.  The hotel's art collection focuses on the human form.  Studio Art Direct commissioned Australian artist Loui Jover to create a sensual woman's face with words and images about Portland sketched into the design. This artwork was reproduced on huge floating glass panel in the lobby and on the fabric of the soft headboards.   Also included in the collection is the iconic Bridget Bardot photograph taken by Terry ONeill in the 1960s film set in Spain.  Bardot sets the stage for the hotel as she floats on a 10'x15' glass panel in the lobby - just like the hotel, she is eautiful but a bit naughty.  

Hotel Eastlund artwork - Bridget Bardot on glass by Studio Art Direct, Inc.

Hotel Eastlund artwork by Studio Art Direct

     Hotel Eastlund custom art headboards by Studio Art DirectHotel Eastlund corridor artworks curated by Studio Art Direct

Hotel Eastlund lobby graphics by Studio Art Direct